How does Title IX apply to pregnant or parenting students?

Title IX is a law that bans sex discrimination in schools that get federal funds. Title IX makes it illegal to exclude students who may be, are, or have been pregnant from an educational program.

This means that colleges must give all students who might be, are, or have been pregnant the same access to classes and programs that other students have.

Your instructors or school officials should not tell you to drop out or change your educational plans because you are pregnant or gave birth.

Please review the resources below, both from the National Women’s Law Center, for additional information.

NWLC Fact Sheet: Pregnant and Parenting Students’ Rights

NWLC Pregnant and Parenting Students’ Rights Toolkit

If you have additional questions, please contact:

MICHAEL HUGHES, Chief Disciplinary Officer & Title IX Coordinator
Medlin Campus Center, Suite 320 – Jamestown Campus
Phone: (336) 334-4822, ext. 50572