Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination in federally funded educational programs and activities, regardless of gender or gender identity. All public and private colleges and universities receiving any federal financial assistance must comply with Title IX. Title IX protects students, faculty, and staff of all genders and gender identities from sexual harassment, regardless of who is the harasser.

It is the policy of GTCC that all students and employees shall have the right to work and/or learn in an environment free from sexual harassment. No employee, student, or visitor to the campus may engage in conduct that falls under the definition of sexual harassment. Students engaging in violence or harassment are in violation of the college’s Student Code of Conduct Policy, and such behavior will result in sanctions against the student ranging from interim suspension to expulsion. Disciplinary action by the college does not preclude the possibility of criminal charges.

For additional information, please see GTCC’s Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Anti-Harassment Policy.

For a quick overview of our policy and available resources, download our Title IX Brochure.